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Blue Cows | Lynchburg Artist Purnell Pettyjohn

Blue cows? Well, yes. When most of us look at cows, we see blacks, greys and browns, but in Purnell Pettyjohn’s world, she perceives blues—and purples and yellows even. Her ...
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Divine Eclectic | Cultivating a Unique Design Aesthetic

The adroit hostess knows that decor sets the mood of the party. Her table settings feel more curated than designed: her dining room is an explosion of color, texture and ...
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It’s All in the Details | Transform a Room with New Hardware

Walk into any kitchen and one immediately notices the bling. It’s always in the details and kitchen hardware is no exception. Perhaps it’s been decades since the hardware in your ...
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Putting Small Spaces to Use | Creative Kitchen Storage

A kitchen is one of the most valuable aspects of a home, bringing family and friends together over a warm meal and instilling valuable lessons of cooking and cleaning in ...
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Sound Off to Spring | The Comely Daffodil is the Season’s Trumpeter

Every year, even before the calendar signals the spring equinox, I look out into my backyard and see a spot of yellow, just sprung to life from beneath the brown, ...
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Boxwood Blight | Lynchburg’s English Boxwood in Peril

with Carter Bendall A fungus among us
Insomniacs everywhere find their way into the late-night cable world of horror movies. The plotlines are formulaic: a susceptible host and deadly pathogen ...
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Incredible Edible Blooms | Flower Power for the Palate

Flowers don’t just add color, interest and complexity to your garden; they can do the same for your plate! Many types of flowers are edible, including some you might not ...
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Planning a Springtime Buffett | A No-Fail Menu for Springtime Entertaining

Springtime bursts with opportunities to gather friends and family in celebration of spring holidays! Do not fear: a delicious and light buffet can be your answer to stress-free springtime entertaining ...
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