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Dramatic Lighting |Sconces Add Light, Mood and Drama

While designing a room, elements like paint, furniture, artwork and accessories may do the heavy lifting, but none of these careful selections matters without proper illumination. Lighting is a delicate ...
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Area Rug Inspiration | A Whole New World

There’s a reason why the magic carpet was Aladdin’s vehicle of choice for soaring Princess Jasmine into “a whole new world.” Colorful, intricately woven area rugs can add a sense ...
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Slimming Down Clutter | Shed Extra Stress by Exercising Good Organization Habits

It’s ironic that home organization resources are a clutter of articles, books, blogs, and pins about controlling clutter. Just as we must when we set out to get fit, it’s ...
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Fresh Paint | Bring New Light and Life to Interiors

Late winter is a great time to tackle an indoor painting project. The holiday rush is passed (and hopefully, decorations packed away), but there’s still plenty of indoor time ahead ...
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Green Screens | Creating Privacy Through Landscaping

Do you ever step outside your back door and feel like you’re living in a fishbowl? Modern building trends have moved toward large homes on smaller lots, which is great ...
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Spring’s First Fruit | Strawberries Delight

In the classic children’s book by Don and Audrey Wood, The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear, the narrator tricks a small mouse into sharing ...
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Collectible Culinary Classics

For decades, Lynchburg cooks have served up delectable farm-to-table dishes—with a generous helping of Southern charm—well before cooking with fresh local ingredients became a ubiquitous culinary movement. Thankfully, many have ...
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Savor Spring Flavor | Sauces, Marinades and Rubs

Sauces, marinades and rubs pump up the flavor of our favorite foods and can transform a boring dish into something that is next-level. Marinades and rubs tenderize and help meat, ...
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