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Light and Bright: Shedding Light on Lampshades

You spot it across a crowded discount-store aisle: the lamp you’ve been looking for, the one that will complete your room, at half the designer-lookalike’s price. Back at home, you ...
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Decorating Difficult Windows

Windows are an essential component of any home. They let in sunshine and scenery, reflect the home’s architectural style, and are important considerations for heating and cooling. Window treatments are ...
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Solar Garden Light, Lanterns In Flower Bed. Garden Design

Exterior Embellishments: Little Touches Make Big Impact on Curb Appeal

There is no better time than now to think about updating the exterior of your home. A small facelift is just what your abode needs to feel rejuvenated after a ...
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Clear The Tables! Inspiration to Give Your Coffee Table a Whole New Look

Creating a new vignette for your coffee table is a great seasonal project. You don’t need a huge decorating budget, you can shop your own home, and you can change ...
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Warm Up Your Space: When Outside’s Frightful, Make Inside Delightful

To me, the rewards of winter—holidays, mugs of hot cocoa, a roaring fire—have never seemed worth the downsides of the season. The days are dark, parkas aren’t flattering, and ...
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Color Me Happy: How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors for your Home

Ever stood in a paint store with a handful of paint chips, wondering how to choose what works best? Choosing paint colors for your home can be overwhelming, ...
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Flat, Functional, Fabulous! Shape-shifting Tables are Essential for Home Entertaining

Our home furnishings provide not only utility, but they can also enhance the best use of space in our homes. So it’s no surprise that homeowners through the ages ...
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In Pursuit Of The Perfect Chair: What to know before Shopping for Upholstered Furniture

My husband and I once bought an upholstered chair on impulse. It was a floor model so the price was reduced, and the fabric—a bold print—initially appealed to me. Within ...
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