Stanhope Spencer Johnson | Architect of the Renewed American Dream

When I read the fascinating Stanhope, chronologically by Carolyn Gills Frazier, whose research draws from Jones Memorial Library’s Lynchburg Architectural Archive, I discovered that acclaimed and versatile architect Stanhope Spencer ...
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Beyond Board | What’s New at the Head of the Bed?

When it comes to your bedroom, the bed is likely the focal point of the room. We typically turn to using different bedding and heaps of pretty throw pillows to ...
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Walkable Art | Vinyl Floorcloths

Photo: Beija Flor, Available at Bailey Grey Interiors. What once was old is new again. With a rich history of adorning floors in the south, vinyl floorcloths are making ...
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Wabi-Sabi | A Perfectly Imperfect Home

Marie Kondo sparked a decluttering trend that Western culture has embraced since the publication of The Art of Tidying Up in 2014. But what many people don’t know is that her method ...
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Getting the Hang of It | Hanging Art Properly

Choosing artwork for your home is mainly about personal preference and depends on what kind of unique look you are going for. Do you want decorative pieces that contain just ...
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Behind the Wheel | Using Color Theory in Design

The great French painter Paul Gauguin late in life wrote, “Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.” Scientists and philosophers have worked for centuries to unlock ...
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Versatile Furniture | Does Double Duty

The urge to declutter this time of year is practically inescapable. Spring has officially sprung and with that, we yearn for freshness and simplicity. The desire may seem even stronger ...
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Brokering Inspiration

In whatever ways we spend our days, whether in business, science, trade, academia or art, humans have in common the innate drive to seek innovation, creativity, originality—in a word, inspiration ...
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