Reflect Your Style With Mirrors

Mirrors have been used in design for their beauty and practicality for centuries—one of the most famous examples being the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles, France. Completed ...
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Festive Flutes

Nothing says celebrate like a glass of sparkling wine. Champagne, prosecco, cava—even sparkling cider feels like a special occasion when served in a champagne glass. When stemware came ...
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Double Duty | Home Office Becomes Holiday Guest Room

With more and more of us taking advantage of telecommuting opportunities, homes today often have a room set aside as a private office. It’s a smart and practical allocation of ...
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“All We’re Missing Is The Pixie Dust” | Lynchburg Couple Creates A Magical Grandparent Nursery

Story and photography By Meridith De Avila Khan For the past nine years and running, Jeff and Sally Schneider of Lynchburg host their grandchildren for “Mimi and Pop Camp,” ...
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What’s Trending In Textiles? | Comfort And Luxury Looks Are Hot

Want to feather your nest this fall? Look to nature for some cues. Neutrals are the best for your surroundings—walls and permanent fixtures like floors and counters of tile and ...
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Coffee Talk | Top Tips For Choosing A Coffee Table

A coffee table plays a big role in both the decor and function of your living areas. Too big, and it can draw focus away from your other furnishings. Too ...
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Vintage Cafe Chairs | One Classic Style With So Many Uses

The classic cafe chair, with its distinctive bentwood frame and “hairpin” backrest, has been a fixture of European and South American bistros and sidewalks since the 1850s. First invented by ...
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Easy Breezy Ceiling Fans | Keep Your Cool with Style

Ceiling fans tend to be an underrated feature in the home. Many homeowners dislike them because they can be somewhat of an eyesore in an otherwise perfectly styled room. But ...
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