Central Virginia Home Oyster Plates Smith Mtn Lake July 2014

Antique Oyster Plates: Collecting Pearls for your China Cabinet

It’s autumn and we’re quickly heading into “the ‘R’ months,” that time of year when oysters are considered to be at their best. While oysters themselves are not known ...
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Central Virginia Home Magazine Mowry Chinoiserie dining room Jul 2014

Asian Influences from Whimsy to Zen

When it comes to creating a style for our interiors, how lucky we are to have a world marketplace and a rich global history from which to draw our ...
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Year-Round Flowers

Taking cues from nature, fabrics printed with large-scale botanical themes can energize a room with a big, bold spark of color. Or, depending on the theme, they can add ...
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A Sterling Idea: Decorating with Collectibles

While serving as U.S. president in 1806, Thomas Jefferson found himself grappling with a dilemma. His old law professor and dear friend George Wythe had recently passed away and ...
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Hot For Spring: How Will Your Home Wear Spring’s Top Colors?

We’re lighting up at the first signs of green poking up from the ground and breathing deeply those wisps of a springtime breeze! Because no season is quite so ...
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Clever by Design: A Contemporary Home in the Woods

It’s a real design homerun when new construction balances aesthetics and functionality in perfect accord, all while minimizing its footprint in the interest of good stewardship. Here, Central Virginia HOME ...
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Shine On

Whether your home is filled with heirloom antiques or hand-me-downs, any style of décor can pull off a touch of whimsy, a bit of other worldly sophistication and some ...
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Affairs of the Hearth: And Sweet-Nothings for Your Fireplace

Long before the television set took center stage in our living rooms, a cozy fire provided all the entertainment people needed. When you own a fireplace, you have a ...
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