Inside Out: Innovative Textiles Suitable for Indoors or Out

Take advantage of the season and step over the threshold to enjoy the added living space outside your home. These days, with fresh innovations in both texture and design, ...
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Central Virginia Home Magazine Studio Eleven Jan 2013

Funky Paints Make Fun Home Accessories

We all know paint plays an essential role in expressing our personalities throughout our homes. The color of a wall can alter our mood and enhance the visual appeal ...
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Kitchen Contest

The Best Kitchens: Invite Us In! What makes a kitchen fabulous? Like the meals prepared there, a great kitchen has a just-right balance of ingredients: functionality, beauty, comfort and style, to name ...
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Wreathed in Seasonal Splendor: Create Your Own Wreath with Nature’s Treasures

When decorating for the holidays, the basic wreath is one of the most versatile pieces you can use to express your artistic side and your own personal style. By ...
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simon department

A Passion for Fashion: Simon Chang Visits Central Virginia

Forest was recently treated to a visit from renowned fashion designer Simon Chang, who firmly believes fashion and home design go hand in hand. Chang appeared at events including a fashion ...
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Central Virginia Home Magazine Habitat Restore and Garden Gifts

ReStore: Good Deals for a Good Cause

Remodeling and renovating your home is no small task. Whether it’s time for the flooring to be replaced, the cabinets to be updated, or that old family furniture from ...
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The Gentleman’s Room: Creating a Masculine Aesthetic

A man’s room, like one that is the preserve of a woman, should aim at being restful, cozy, quiet, and a place where a gentleman can feel totally at home ...
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That Elusive Paint Color: Designers Rave over Faves

We all know that paint is one of the quickest, easiest and most economical ways to transform our interior spaces. But the choices, oh the choices! Picking a color ...
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