When I was a little girl, I used to love reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little House” book series. I especially liked learning about how frontier moms did their homekeeping during those pioneer days. All that rug beating sounded like fun to nine-year-old me! Now that I’m a grown-up (who thankfully owns an electrically powered vacuum), I prepare my home for summer in different ways—and I bet you do, too.

This edition is full of ideas of how to “lighten up” your home’s look for summer. You’ll learn how to brighten and cool your interiors with homey quilts and textured matelassé in unexpected places throughout your home. We have a story that might inspire you to perk things up in your bathrooms (without having to renovate). Bathrooms are one place where little updates can make a big difference! We’ll also share some fresh ideas for giving your foyer a welcoming boost. The slower pace of summer is a good time to rework your home’s entryway because we seem to have more time (and maybe less gear to wrangle) to focus on this important space.

Of course, you might be spending all your time outdoors during these next few months. If that’s the case, we have a fact-filled story about deck materials you’ll want to read if you’re considering a deck replacement or installing a new one. We’ll acquaint you with ornamental vines—so pretty as they adorn arbors and fence lines. We’ll teach you which varieties are welcome additions to your garden. And if you really want to get into the spirit of summer, think about finding a charming little spot in your yard where you can install a decorative gate. We’ll give you the ins and outs of what it takes to have a swinging little gate.

But don’t work yourself too hard! Take some time off and read a good book (check out our special “Summer Reading List” article!), and enjoy the beautiful weather.