Don’t you love how your house looks during this time of year? I’ve never felt a compulsive need to blow the leaves off my lawn and bushes. I think they look like confetti and they brilliantly cover any perceived imperfections on my home’s exterior. I love the simplicity of a pumpkin on the porch and a sheaf of wheat on the mantel around Thanksgiving—and afterwards, I love decking the halls with all the glitz and sparkle of Christmas décor!

It’s the perfect time to open your home to guests and invite people over! Light a fire, host a dinner party and share an evening with your friends.

In this edition of HOME, we’ll help get your home shipshape for entertaining. We’ve expanded on a theme from our previous issue to offer you detailed information about the most important focal points in your living room: the fireplace, its mantel and the sofa. We’ll explain the theatrics of lighting and even give you decorating ideas with traditional items used in fresh new ways.

As a host, you’ll need some conversation-starters. Our feature story titled “Boys and Their Toys” will surely provide lots of cocktail party banter. I think you’ll also enjoy our feature story about those things that longtime local residents hold nearest and dearest to their hearts. Your guests might know of other treasures we should have included (we’d like to hear about them!).

Finally, we’ll share expert advice about the items every do-it-yourselfer needs and the variety of ways to use them. We’ve got some fun projects to try as you wait out winter indoors.

Entertaining is fun! Look for a reason to host a party, even if the reason is simply because “It’s Tuesday.”

Have fun,