From Thanksgiving all the way to the dawn of a new year, the heart of this happy season are the people that make everything so special. In that spirit, this edition of HOME celebrates family traditions.

There’s a lot of focus on food, family and fun in this edition of HOME—as no other time of year seems to bring all three of those ingredients together quite so beautifully. We have recipes and party ideas and even a few clever shortcuts and helpers you can employ to help keep your Joy from turning into an “Oy!”

In fact, several articles in this edition of HOME are presented with a “stress less” point of view because it’s so easy to get caught in the frenzy of trying to “make everything perfect,” isn’t it?

In every edition, we strive to present you with articles that are both “pretty” and “practical” so that HOME will be the best local resource and guidebook for homeowners. Though some of our stories may be dreamy, we hope they’re never out of reach—thanks to the expertise of those retailers and craftsmen who are our advertisers. It is such a thrill for us when hear that we’ve helped make a connection between a satisfied homeowner and one of our advertisers. We love to hear these success stories! Please continue to share them with us.

Warmest wishes and much happiness for your holiday traditions,