Homeownership and all it entails—the sweeping of floors, the making of beds, annual maintenance and repairs—can have a tendency to skew toward mundane…but only if we let it! For me, conscious gratitude helps (“I’m so thankful to have all this laundry,” even if I say it through gritted teeth). But another way separate routine from humdrum is to occasionally seek ways to inject a little “thrill” into it all. In this issue, we share “The Thrill of the Hunt”—a feature about shopping in consignment and other types of furniture resale stores. You’re certain to feel a thrill of excitement when finding a one-of-a-kind treasure at a fraction of the cost of buying it new. Or if your idea of a good time is simply relaxing, this may be the season to add a hot tub or swim spa to your home. The luxury of a private water-filled retreat may be just the thrill you need. And our feature on staircases examines ways to renovate this oft-neglected, hardworking space. I don’t know about “thrill,” but renovating your staircase to include fabulous details could certainly put a spring in your step. (Sorry, we love a good pun.)

I count myself among those who get a serious thrill out of intense organizing or cleaning sessions. In this issue, we’ll motivate you to tackle your drinkware cabinet (all those mismatches!) as well as conquer grimy hotspots in the kitchen that aren’t part of the weekly routine. Add a focal point to a room simply by painting, invest in an upholstered chair, learn a new veggie-centric recipe…all suggest departures from routine, and are here to inject a little wow. We also plant seeds for thrills to come; start composting now using the information from the article here, and you could yield a nice compost pile in the spring—nutrients to transform summer’s garden into thrills galore. Sure, there’s work to be done, but we’d all do well to seek ways to add an element of thrill to our days. Thanks for reading!