Point of View | Elegant Home Is Designed for Both Present and Future

On the western side of Lynchburg, Cynde and John Buckles’ home sits like a gem, nestled into the rolling hills and trees of the Piedmont. The road to this stunning ...
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Stealth Storage | Creative Options for Organization

Organizing—it’s a never-ending quest. Our desire for tidy, puttogether homes requires a lot of vigilance, but also creativity. We’re forever pushing back on the constant creep of our belongings from ...
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Beautiful Backyards | Two Local Outdoor Havens

Many of us head out to beautiful, peaceful spots for vacation, where we are able to relax and leave the stress of everyday life behind us, even if it’s just ...
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Basement Remodels | From Cold Concrete to Underground Retreat

A big, unfinished basement is like a blank canvas just waiting to become a masterpiece. With such a large space comes endless possibilities for remodeling; however, figuring out where and ...
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The Petfriendly Home | Create a Functional and Beautiful Household for Your Furry Friends

You don’t have to sacrifice style to have a pet-friendly home. If you’ve ever thought “we can’t have anything nice” because of your menagerie, rest assured that from durable designer ...
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Summer Suds | Central Virginia’s Brew Scene is Bubbling

In recent years, Roanoke has been getting some attention for their burgeoning beer scene. But it’s not only our neighbor city who’s enjoying some suds—the Central Virginia region has seen ...
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Out & About | Make Retirement Count with Meaningful Activities

“YOU’RE ONLY AS OLD AS YOU FEEL.” This “age-old” adage seems to be the unofficial motto of people entering retirement today. A survey from the Pew Research Center shows that ...
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Safeguard Your Security | How to Avoid Identity Theft

While most people have probably heard the term “identity theft,” the scope of damage that can result is often underestimated. It’s not just about someone copying your credit card number ...
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