The Gem of the Landscape | Five Reasons to Love Southern Magnolias

Of all species of magnolias, there is perhaps none as iconic or more beloved than the Southern magnolia. Known for the delightful scent that fills the air when they bloom, ...
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Deck the Porch | Source Your Garden for Winter Patio & Porch Decor

When the first frost hits and there’s a sustained chill in the air, those festive fall ornamentals you planted will sing their swan songs and fizzle. Even relatively cold-hardy pansies, ...
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The Elegant Amaryllis | A Perfect Holiday Gift

If you’re looking for the perfect gift—for friends, colleagues, neighbors or yourself— add an amaryllis to your shopping list this year. An amaryllis adds instant grace and elegance to your home, and ...
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Spectacular Shrubs for Fall: Bloom in Spring, Color in Fall

It would seem most gardeners plant with spring and summer blooms in mind, overlooking fall colors, particularly when it comes to shrubs. Don’t let bloom time steal all the attention; ...
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Disappearing Path 2

A Path Adds Instant Charm To The Garden

Have you ever considered taking that boring plot of grass in your yard and creating a garden path with some interesting features? Who can resist the allure of ...
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The New Old-Faithful Flowers: Learn About the Latest in Annuals

Right after humans learned to cultivate plants, they began experimenting in breeding them in order to get rid of characteristics deemed undesirable. Among the plants today that ...
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Groove in Your Garden: Porch Swings Add Style and Comfort to Your Outdoor Space

Nothing says “ultimate summer day” more than a lazy afternoon lounging on a comfy porch swing. There are many options for installing a porch swing at your ...
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Bringing Your Flower Arrangements To Life

One of the most common floral mistakes: You hold an entire bunch of flowers in your hand, you trim the stems, you drop them in a vase ...
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