Water Works | Collect Rain for Garden Use

Are you looking for a way to make both your yard and wallet greener? Make a small investment in a rain barrel, a savings-savvy and eco-friendly resource for your home ...
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Garden Stars | Homegrown Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the passion of many a home gardener. Once you’ve gotten a taste for homegrown tomatoes fresh off the vine, it’s hard to go back to the supermarket produce ...
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All Aflutter | Beckon Butterflies to Your Grand Garden Resort

There are plenty of insects that aren’t welcome in our yards, and we certainly spend enough time and money to make sure they don’t intrude and ruin all of our ...
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Historic Garden Day in Lynchburg

Known as “America’s Largest Open House,” Virginia’s Historic Garden Week features over 29 tours across the state and comes to Lynchburg Tuesday, April 30, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m ...
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Garden Nooks that Spark Joy | Tiny Retreats and Outdoor Follies

What do the popularity of online shopping, home food delivery businesses, telecommuting and culture’s newfound focus on wellness have in common? They all represent a growing lifestyle trend of “staying ...
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Hummingbird Hospitality | Welcoming Nature’s Littlest Angels

The hummingbird may be the tiniest bird in the world, but it often draws the most attention. Its beautiful colors and unique hovering motion are fascinating to observe. As we ...
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Sound Off to Spring | The Comely Daffodil is the Season’s Trumpeter

Every year, even before the calendar signals the spring equinox, I look out into my backyard and see a spot of yellow, just sprung to life from beneath the brown, ...
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Boxwood Blight | Lynchburg’s English Boxwood in Peril

with Carter Bendall A fungus among us
Insomniacs everywhere find their way into the late-night cable world of horror movies. The plotlines are formulaic: a susceptible host and deadly pathogen ...
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