The Art of Light | Tips and Trends in Replacement Windows

Chances are unless you live in a brand new home you have given some thought to replacement windows. Initially conceived as an affordable way to replace dated and inefficient windows ...
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Adventures in Upcycling | Repurposing Heirloom Pieces

Before dismissing out of hand an offer of Grandma’s decades-old dresser, it might be wise to think twice. There is something special about antique and vintage furniture that, with a ...
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It’s All in the Details | Transform a Room with New Hardware

Walk into any kitchen and one immediately notices the bling. It’s always in the details and kitchen hardware is no exception. Perhaps it’s been decades since the hardware in your ...
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Putting Small Spaces to Use | Creative Kitchen Storage

A kitchen is one of the most valuable aspects of a home, bringing family and friends together over a warm meal and instilling valuable lessons of cooking and cleaning in ...
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In High Demand | Kitchen Essentials

Are you that person in your circles, the early adapter of all things new when it comes to the well-stocked, on-trend kitchen? If not, I’m sure you know that person—the ...
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Keep the Fire Burning | Hot Tips for Wood Burning Fireplaces

An old saying about firewood goes, “It warms you more than once.” At the hearth, of course, but also cutting it, splitting it, stacking it, carting it into the house ...
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Painting Brick | What to Know Before Brightening and Lightening

With winter upon us, you may find yourself pondering a change around the house. Painting brick has been around for decades, but has become a popular trend in recent years, ...
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Winter Warmth | Tips for a Cozy Home

With another Virginia winter bearing down, many homeowners are looking for ways to take the chill off their homes, enhancing warmth and comfort for the holidays and beyond. If you ...
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