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Spring Cleaning Hacks: Tips and Tricks to Make Chores Easier

With the arrival of spring comes the warmth and rejuvenation we have been longing for after months of winter. While we’d probably like to rush outside at ...
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Chore Checklist: Maintenance To-Do Lists Keep Your Home Running Smoothly

As spring approaches to signal the end of another temperamental Virginia winter, homeowners are wise to make a list of house chores to accomplish before even thinking about good old-fashioned ...
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Gadgets Galore: Get a Grip on Your Cooking Utensils to Make Your Kitchen More Efficient

Don’t you love watching those cooking shows where the chef is ready to mix his ingredients and a whisk appears out of thin air, and a split second later he ...
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The Way We Were: Updating Decor For A Timeless Look

  While many of us have experienced nostalgia for days gone by, few folks have “misty water-colored memories” of decorating fads like carpeted bathrooms or harvest gold appliances. In order to ...
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Kitchenware Care: Stocking and Maintaining a Cook’s Cache

My grandmothers cooked beautiful meals in simple kitchens; white Formica countertops, stainless steel sinks and electric-eye stoves provided the setting. Their pine cabinets held a basic collection of pots ...
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Go With The Flow: Clean and Repair your Gutter System

With the winter season upon us, our to-do lists turn into everything-about-the-holidays lists: shopping, decorating, meal planning, scheduling family trips. Unfortunately, home maintenance slumps further down the list, and ...
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Kitchen Duty: 5 Hot Spots For Deep Cleaning

The frenzy of fall spurs us all back into action with renewed vigor for school, work, sports and activities galore. The kitchen is where we fuel our bodies, minds, ...
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Raise Your Glass!: Spruce up Your Drinkware Wardrobe

Take a quick peek inside your drinkware cabinet. What do you see? Orderly rows of chic glasses organized by type? Or an assortment of plastic stadium cups sporting logos ...
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