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Smart, Savvy Home Appliances

Our homes may not be as automated as The Jetsons, that childhood cartoon we remember from the 1960s (but set in 2064), but we’re getting closer with today’s “smart” ...
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Walk This Way: Decorative Walkways Say “Welcome Home”

The path to your front door doesn’t have to be mundane. Not any more. From Central Virginia’s suburbs to downtown, narrow ribbons of gray or white concrete are giving ...
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What About Wainscoting?: Decoding Decorative Wood Paneling

Today’s options for wood paneling go way beyond the rec rooms of the 1970s, when ceiling-to-floor sheets of oak-looking fiberboard stole the show. Now decorative wood paneling meets homeowners ...
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The Ideal Coat Closet: From Dumping Ground to Shipshape

“A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Growing up, this was a phrase I heard more times than I cared to. My father, a career naval officer, ...
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All Season Arrangements: Decking the Halls has Never Been Easier

The arrival of holiday season means quick transitions. Swiftly we move from fall to winter, and from Thanksgiving to Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s. There are overnight guests, family ...
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Party Fouls: How to Clean Up the Most Common Party Messes

I will never forget the time I was invited to a Bunco party at a swanky home on a golf course. As I sat down at a card table ...
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Hardwood Floor Rehabilitation

Hardwood floors are generally desired for their durability and timeless look which complements almost any home. Over time, however, these hardwood floors will inevitably become scuffed and worn, especially ...
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Take Charge of Your Home Charging Spot

Mobile phones, tablets and computers are all a part of our lives, and they deserve a prime parking spot. But how many times have you come home to recharge ...
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