Take it Outside: Improving the Relationship Between Inside and Out

When summer heats up, so does the party scene. There is no better time to have friends over for drinks and dinner on the deck. But instead of just ...
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Get in a Lather: For an Outdoor Shower

Anyone who has ever rented a beach house knows that bathing outdoors turns a mundane daily ritual into something special. Is there anything more refreshing after hours in the sun ...
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The Boomer Effect on Real Estate: Riding the Wave Into the Future of Local Real Estate

Having recently been named one of “25 Best Places to Retire” by Forbes, the Lynchburg area is known for its good economy, cost of living, average home price, good ...
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Rainy-Day Projects: Hot Tips to Tackle Some of Your Biggest Conundrmus

When April showers force you out of the garden and into the house, take a cue from Mother Nature and focus your spring cleaning efforts on projects you may ...
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Out with the Old: Toss the Clutter and Love What Remains

Your house probably doesn’t look like an episode of Hoarders. Maybe it’s just uncomfortably full, the way your belly feels after Thanksgiving dinner. You may be moving or down-sizing, ...
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Pet Peeves: What to Do When Man’s Best Friend Makes a Mess

Pets share our homes, play in our yards, bathe in our tubs, and in many cases, sleep in our beds. They bid us farewell as we set off on a ...
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Secure It: Options in Monitored Home Security Systems

Home security systems, like other electronics, have many available features and functions, but all systems can be placed into three different categories: wireless, hard-wired or hybrid (combination of both). Each type of ...
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Ew! What’s That Smell? Organizing Your Fridge for Maximum Freshness

The refrigerator is the workhouse of the kitchen and its busiest days are upon us. It will be required to keep the tailgating treats cold for game watching, the ...
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