Chocolate Cake: From Beloved Birthdays to Decadent Desserts

In many households, the conversation is the same around each family member’s birthday: “What kind of cake would you like for your birthday this year?” Some have a different request every year, but ...
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Herbal Vinegar

Homemade Wine Vinegar: A Tangy, Tart Treat

If you’ve perused the aisles of grocery stores and seen the choices—and prices—of fancy-flavored wine vinegars, you have surely been tempted to buy some. Instead, why not create your own, ...
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Lynchburg Historical Foundation Hosts Gala at Villa Maria

  For many decades, many in the Lynchburg community have walked, run or driven by the Georgian mansion at 3012 Rivermont Avenue; many have even matriculated there when the home functioned ...
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Young woman cleaning out her closet

Simplify Your Closet–and Your Life: Building a Capsule Wardrobe that Works

When it comes to getting dressed each day, we may be needlessly taxing ourselves. Some of us relish taking time to put together creative outfits; for others, ...
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Trending Now – FUNctional Fitness

In my over-20-year career as a health and fitness professional, I have seen and participated in nearly every fitness trend to come down the pipeline, from Cardio Box ...
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Sit and Sip: A Tribute to Iced Tea

In the South, iced tea is as sacred a summertime tradition as a game of kick the can at dusk. The first hint of warm weather signals ...
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Celebrate Summer with Red, White and Blue

Summer’s the time for us to celebrate America’s holidays; Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day are all national holidays that call for the red, ...
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Peach Season! Short but Sweet

Modern shipping and growing practices have spoiled us as consumers—we’re able to get reasonably good fruits and vegetables most of the year. Unfortunately, fresh peaches are one ...
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