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Central Virginia Home Summer 2018



Dorm Design | Outfit Your Student’s Space in Style and Comfort

If you have children, chances are you’re an expert at back-to-school shopping. But if you have a son or daughter who’s moving into a dorm room this summer, it’s a ...
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Design, Defined | Southern Style

I’ve spent my life in various parts of the South—from Appalachian North Carolina to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to the coastal empire of Georgia. While cultural differences certainly exist ...
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Exterior Upgrade | What to Know When Selecting Siding

Coming home after a long day should bring a smile to your face. But if your home’s curb appeal has faded, these daily homecomings are a little less joyful. Siding ...
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Critter Control | Keeping Wild Creatures Out of Your Home

Rabbits, squirrels and foxes are fun to watch romping in your yard; birds and even snakes can be interesting to view from a distance, but when these creatures venture inside ...
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By the Light of the Moon | Summertime Moon Gardens

There is a special sort of magic in the garden at twilight on summer evenings. As the fireflies come out to greet the evening air, the world seems to slow ...
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Inspiration for Irrigation | Keeping Your Garden Green

Once the summer heat arrives, keeping your lawn green and your shrubs, flowers, and vegetables gardens from wilting can be a chore. Regular watering is vital for plant health, but ...
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One-day Excursions to SML | Delights Awaiting the Drop-in Visitor

Smith Mountain Lake, about an hour’s drive for most of us, offers an easy getaway. If you’re thinking about a one-day summer excursion to sample what the lake has to ...
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Cool, Crisp Cucumber | Refreshing Summer Recipes

Have you ever wondered where the phrase, “cool as a cucumber” comes from? Cucumbers are cool to the touch, and the insides can remain approximately 11 degrees cooler than the ...
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