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In Love with Leather | Unexpected Accents Offer Fresh Autumn Style

When you think of leather in home decor, do you envision a traditional study with dark, masculine colors and heavy furnishings? Perhaps a tufted Chesterfield sofa, or a library ...
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A Chair for Every Room | How to Choose Accent Seating

Accent chairs are the fun counterpoint to the functional sofa. They can impart a dash of whimsy to a room, providing a welcome spot for guests or a favorite ...
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Onward and Upward | Staircase Refresh Has Abundant Options

Thomas Jefferson believed stairs to be a waste of space. Instead of designing a grand staircase for Monticello, his home outside Charlottesville, Jefferson tucked two stairways out of sight, accessible ...
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Wash, Wipe, Win | Choose the Right Towels and Scrubbers for Your Kitchen Jobs

Maybe they matched your decor perfectly so you just had to buy them. Or maybe your old ones are fraying, so you quickly bought the first pack you saw. Most ...
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Fall Lawn Care | Getting Your Grass Ready for Winter

Fall is an important season when it comes to your lawn. Although the weather is turning cooler and your grass isn’t growing as fast, it’s preparing itself for dormancy ...
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Composting Is Cool | Turn Kitchen Scraps into Garden Gold

Black gold, chocolate cake mix, and liquid treasure all sound like something we should want—and as gardeners, we do, since they all describe “compost.” Gardeners use creative nicknames like ...
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House Hunting | With Heart and Efficiency

My young family of four is on the brink of a big move. THE move. The one that will shape our little ones’ childhood memories and set the stage ...
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The Beauty of Beans

Inexpensive to buy, easy to store, simple to cook, and versatile to use: Beans have it all. If you haven’t been stockpiling an assortment of these plant-based powerhouses, it’s ...
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