Versatile Furniture | Does Double Duty

The urge to declutter this time of year is practically inescapable. Spring has officially sprung and with that, we yearn for freshness and simplicity. The desire may seem even stronger ...
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Brokering Inspiration

In whatever ways we spend our days, whether in business, science, trade, academia or art, humans have in common the innate drive to seek innovation, creativity, originality—in a word, inspiration ...
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Sitting Pretty | Comfort and Durability Enhance Outdoor Spaces

With the weather warming up, it’s time to get excited about spending more time outside, whether you’re by the pool, tending the grill, or reading on a balcony. Whatever your ...
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Blue Cows | Lynchburg Artist Purnell Pettyjohn

Blue cows? Well, yes. When most of us look at cows, we see blacks, greys and browns, but in Purnell Pettyjohn’s world, she perceives blues—and purples and yellows even. Her ...
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Divine Eclectic | Cultivating a Unique Design Aesthetic

The adroit hostess knows that decor sets the mood of the party. Her table settings feel more curated than designed: her dining room is an explosion of color, texture and ...
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Design, Defined | Craftsman Style

A study of home design often turns into a history, philosophy, and sociology lesson all in one. The way we choose to build and decorate our homes is a direct ...
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Velvet | Posh, Plush and A La Mode

For accessible luxury, it’s hard to beat velvet. Today’s fabric bears little resemblance to the stiff, fussy velvet that graced the formal parlors of previous eras. Thanks to modern technology, ...
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A Guide to Flatware | What to Know Before Buying Your Next Set of Utensils

It happens in every kitchen—the spoons or forks disappear slowly, lost accidentally to the trash, or to the work or school lunch bag. If you’ve decided that new flatware is ...
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