Make a Splash | Backsplash Options that Put the Fun in Functional

A backsplash can make an average Joe or plain Jane feel like a veritable Rachel Ray or Guy Fieri, cooking the day away in a kitchen that is nothing ...
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Daybeds | Flexible, Fashionable Furnishings

Making a splash in the design world today, a daybed offers great flexibility when outfitting a space, and is prized for the functionality it offers. As a sofa/bed combo, ...
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Lighting 101 | Specs to Help Illuminate Your Space

There’s plenty of good news when it comes to lighting the interior of your home: options are abundant, instructions—in some cases, formulas—are available, and, best of all, you make ...
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Pretty Passementerie | Embellish Your Interiors with Trim

It was surely the fringe on the surrey that helped Curley win Laurey in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical Oklahoma!. Fortunately, you don’t have to live on a midwestern plain ...
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Take a Seat | How To Choose the Right Bar Stool

Anyone perched atop a stool in the early days of the Roman Empire would have been dubbed “low class.” Back in those days, chair style represented social order. Thrones ...
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Dramatic Lighting | Sconces Add Light, Mood and Drama

While designing a room, elements like paint, furniture, artwork and accessories may do the heavy lifting, but none of these careful selections matters without proper illumination. Lighting is a delicate ...
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Area Rug Inspiration | A Whole New World

There’s a reason why the magic carpet was Aladdin’s vehicle of choice for soaring Princess Jasmine into “a whole new world.” Colorful, intricately woven area rugs can add a sense ...
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2020 Vision | The Colors of the Year

The Color of the Year program was launched 20 years ago at The Pantone Color Institute. Since its first choice of Cerulean in 1999, the program’s brand success in trend ...
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