Framing Your Landscape | Choose the Right Border

When you visit an art museum, do you notice the frames? They are always carefully selected to complement the style of the artwork. You may see grand paintings framed with ...
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Historic Garden Day in Lynchburg

All are invited to enjoy a piece of the historic city of Lynchburg during Historic Garden Day, to be held Tuesday, April 25, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Hosted ...
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Beneficial Bugs | Insects and Host Plants Work Together to Protect Gardens

For many gardeners the task of keeping vulnerable plants safe from the hungry grips of pests can be a frustrating task. All too often a season of carefully tended crops yields ...
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Grow Your Own Spring Lettuces

Growing a variety of greens is easy this spring. You will find lettuce seed packets everywhere—from local garden shops and hardware centers to big box stores. Spring lettuces are simple ...
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From the Garden Party | Throw a Backyard Shindig Using the Season’s Ripe Veggies & Herbs

With the arrival of spring, Mother Nature beckons us outdoors with her sunny disposition and warmth. It’s the perfect time for al fresco entertaining! Dust off the patio furniture, fire ...
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Succulent Gardens | Add Color and Warmth to Indoor Spaces

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to put your green thumb to rest. There are many plants that are hearty enough to survive the season’s chill if ...
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The Gem of the Landscape | Five Reasons to Love Southern Magnolias

Of all species of magnolias, there is perhaps none as iconic or more beloved than the Southern magnolia. Known for the delightful scent that fills the air when they bloom, ...
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Deck the Porch | Source Your Garden for Winter Patio & Porch Decor

When the first frost hits and there’s a sustained chill in the air, those festive fall ornamentals you planted will sing their swan songs and fizzle. Even relatively cold-hardy pansies, ...
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