Sound Off to Spring | The Comely Daffodil is the Season’s Trumpeter

Every year, even before the calendar signals the spring equinox, I look out into my backyard and see a spot of yellow, just sprung to life from beneath the brown, ...
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Boxwood Blight | Lynchburg’s English Boxwood in Peril

with Carter Bendall A fungus among us
Insomniacs everywhere find their way into the late-night cable world of horror movies. The plotlines are formulaic: a susceptible host and deadly pathogen ...
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The Masters’ Touch | Hill City Master Gardeners Association

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the food we eat, the soil we grow it in or the flowers that fill our gardens? If so, Hill City Master ...
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Digging In | A Kitchen Garden Primer

Gardening provides a fun and creative outlet for central Virginians and a great reason to get outside for fresh air and exercise. While some enjoy gardening as a hobby, others ...
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Mulch Matters | Protect and Prepare for the Next Growing Season

This is the time of year when I’m grateful to have a fresh layer of mulch in my garden beds. Not only will it help keep my plants protected during ...
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Living Christmas Trees | A New Tradition

There are many trends sweeping across the country which allow us to do our part to help preserve and protect the environment. Solar panels on our rooftops, bees in our ...
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Grass Is Greener | How to Grow a Lush Lawn

Although summer is over, your lawn may still be feeling the effects of children running through it, making homemade baseball diamonds, and skidding to a stop on swings. Not to ...
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Unusual Blooms | Unique Spring Bulbs Take Their Cues from the Classics

If you like spring flowers, now is the perfect time to think about planting bulbs. When you envision spring, images of gardens full of brightly colored pink tulips, yellow daffodils, ...
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