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The Perfect Porch

The Perfect Porch


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Vintage Cafe Chairs | One Classic Style With So Many Uses

The classic cafe chair, with its distinctive bentwood frame and “hairpin” backrest, has been a fixture of European and South American bistros and sidewalks since the 1850s. First invented by ...
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Easy Breezy Ceiling Fans | Keep Your Cool with Style

Ceiling fans tend to be an underrated feature in the home. Many homeowners dislike them because they can be somewhat of an eyesore in an otherwise perfectly styled room. But ...
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Dish Duty | Your Guide to a New Dishwasher

Each night I face the same dilemma. I cook recklessly, stringing mixing bowls, pots and pans, and utensils around like they are some type of impromptu kitchen decoration. I do ...
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Go Digital! Five Apps to Interest Retirees

Applications, commonly called “apps,” are software programs that can be downloaded to mobile devices, like phones, tablets, e-readers, smart watches, and smart TVs. If you own an Apple device, the ...
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The Secret’s in the Soil | Take the Guesswork out of Gardening by Doing a Soil Test

When you head to the local lawn and garden center to find a cure for your under-performing yard or wimpy flower or vegetable gardens, the shelves full of products that ...
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Lavender The Wonder Plant

Whether you’re planting a kitchen garden, a container of herbs or merely looking for a hardy perennial to add interest to your landscape, lavender comes strongly recommended. Cultivated from Roman ...
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Sangria Summer | Beat the Heat with these Fruity Spritzers

Mulled wine is to the holidays, as sangria is to the summer. With a glass of fruity punch in hand, you’ll surely beat the heat in style. Don’t languish in ...
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Refreshing Desserts for Hot Summer Days

When the seasons change, my taste buds crave new, exciting flavors and textures.
Cooler seasons call for rich, decadent desserts like dark chocolate tortes
smothered in warm sauces and rich ...
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