The Belle Of The Ball: Eastern Redbuds take Center Stage

In Virginia, the flowering dogwood tree can get more than its fair share of the limelight. Its bloom is so beloved it was named the state flower in 1918 ...
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Early Bloomers In The Garden: Water Gives Way to Colors of Spring

During midwinter days, it seems the season will never lose its icy grip. Warm sunshine, buzzing bees and pretty flowers may feel like they are ages away, but believe ...
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Great Gadgets; Gardening Goes High-Tech

With technology’s influence over nearly every aspect of our lives, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing it put to use in our gardens. Thanks ...
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Light The Night: Illuminate Your Outdoor Space with Help from the Pros

Lots of plastic containers (or tubs as we like to call them), stacked high, filled with outdoor Christmas decorations, are sitting in the basement or storage shed or attic, ...
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Winter Garden: Bird Sanctuary

With all their twittering and fluttering about, birds add movement, sound and color to our landscape. The winter garden, while lacking the lushness the more hospitable growing seasons offer, ...
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Time For A Tune-up: Caring for Your Garden Tools

Fall can be a busy time in the garden. Cooler weather means cleaning up the vestiges of summer blooms and crops, planting fall ornamentals and edibles, and establishing new ...
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Unique Beauties: Five Uncommon Plants for your Garden

To the true gardener, compliments are like rain and sunshine. We need them. They keep us going, and growing, and trying new things. And there’s no better way to ...
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Large-Scale Lawn Problems, Solved!

Since your lawn’s initial burst of green back in the spring, you may have been keeping an eye on a few questionable patches in your turf that haven’t seemed ...
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