Easy Dinner, Great Conversation: Meals Take a Page from Book Club Selections

Several years ago, after hearing the fun that everyone was having, I joined a book club. I love the diverse group of women in the group and the interesting books that ...
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Capture the Charm of Vintage Glass

The thought of acquiring something whimsical, purely for fun, seems to fly in the face of our current era of minimalism. But there’s always room for a ...
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Horse 5

Off to the Races: Hosting a Horserace Party

Horses, roses, big hats and bourbon—all represent one of America’s long-standing traditions, the Kentucky Derby. On the first Saturday in May each year (this year, it’s May 7), 20 horses ...
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Wrangle Your Winter Gear: The Drop Zone

In my 1960s rancher, the front door opens directly into the living room. There is no entryway, no foyer and certainly no mudroom. As a family of five (six if ...
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Winter Salads: Roasted And Toasted Redefines Comfort Food

Thankfully the longest, darkest days of winter are behind us, but we’re still hunkered down and waiting for spring. Sometimes it’s still a little dark and dreary, so we may ...
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YWCA’s Lynchburg Design House 2015: Transforming a Home to Build Better Lives

We would all be lucky to experience one of those rare events in life when the stars line up, fortune smiles down, and everything just comes together. This is ...
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The Holiday Card Dash: Tips and Tricks for Making this a Stress-free Task

There are few tasks I take more seriously than my annual holiday card. Each year, as soon as the first chill hits the air, I begin to dream of ...
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Food At The Ready: Preparation and Versatility are your best Holiday Friends

There’s a book that I’ve heard a lot about lately; it’s about changing your life by discarding any possession that doesn’t make you feel joy. Evidently, people experience great ...
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